Elisabetta Meda

practices yoga since 2004 thanks to her school she found during her travelling through India.
She decides to stay in India and she spends the next 10 years based in Goa.
Passion and curiosity in her practice guided her to get her first certificate as a teacher in December 2011 (400 hours RYT 200) style Vinyasa Yoga Flow with the school Brahmani Yoga.
The year after, in 2012, she certifies level 2 "Advanced" (RYT 100) with the same school Brahmani.
Travelling Asia she stops in Bali to get a certificate with her teacher Denise Payne in Yin Yoga style.
The benefit that derives from a constant yoga practice is what Elisabetta wish to share in her teaching.

Elena Venturato

discovers the yoga practice in 2010 and soon it becames a constant and essential part of her life.
In Zürich she meets Poonam Stecher Sharma, Elena falls in love with her practice and get inspired to start her teaching path.
Elena gets certified in India with the school Kashish Yoga in Goa (RYT 200 Multistyle Yoga Alliance). Beseide her Yang, more energetic and muscular practice she certifies in Yin Yoga with the school Arhanta Yoga.
Thanks to her  curiosity she tries different styles with different teachers. She attended a workshop with Piero Vivareli and did classes with Sarah Powers. Recently she studied with Guendalina stefani and Elisabetta Cerrone creators of the "Yoga in Volo" Method.
The result in combining the different styles  and different studies is a practice that takes us on a beautiful journey on the mat.
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