I'ts a dynamic yoga style.
The breath guides the moviment and becomes the only conversation between the body and the mind.
Playing with the moviment we enter the asana and hold stillness avoiding tensions.
The key for our pratice is the BREATH, Ujjayi breath, that allows us to keep our mind calm and warm up our body during the physical movement, the BANDHA energetic locks connecting with our core helping with the focus, strength and alignment, the DRISHTI a focused gaze.
The flow helps us to keep an open mind so we can use our curiosity in our practice building up a personal yoga practice based on the awarness.


It's called the let's go" practice.
Thanks to this practice we learn how to be present helping our connective tissues to get nurishment, We hold the poses for 3/5 minutes and that allows us to connect, through the breath, with our subtle systems like the chakras, meridians, koshas.
Our fascia releases deeper tensions.
It's the perfect practice to balance our "Yang" lifestyle.


A dynamic practice that works on the flexibility, strength and resistance.
We create the base for a movement guided from the breath, learning the sun salutations and asanas.
The benefits of a dynamic yoga is that we work on the flexibility and on the stability, and the balance of the two brings us physical and mental wellness.


It's soft practice, Sun and Moon Yoga, where we learn that the body and the mind are one single, indivisible thing.
We bring balance between the positive and negative energies in our body.
The tools used in the practice are breath and asanas (positions)


A relaxing practice perfect after a long and strassful day.
With yoga nidra we reach a profund state of relaxation that will help us releasing deeper muscular tensions.

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