Nature teaches, the Human listens… Yoga connects

Westerners think about Nature like a tool or a product, Eastern people feel the Nature like a dear brother or, better, like a body part.
We adopt a scientific and material approach towards the Nature and that radically separates and opposes them.
We need to consider the man and the Nature like one thing, like an organism in which every part works for itself and for the others.
"Haiku no Seishin" Terada Torahiko

In the past, not only in the eastern world but also in the west we considered Nature as a component of our being.
In the sixth Century BC, the first period of the greek philosophy, the science, the philosophy and religion were not divided. The word physic meant the effort of understanding the essential Nature of all things.
Anassimandro thought about the universe like an organism fed by a "pneuma”, the cosmic breath, the same way the human body is fed by the air.
The oriental sages think that everything and all the events we feel, are interconnected, and that they are different aspects or manifestations of the same ultimate reality.
"The Tao of Physics" Fritjof Capra

The breath connect us all, the whole atmosphere is our connection and all of us breathe from there.
We are connected with the whole world, with the animals and with the trees that transform our exhalations in oxygen.
Cit. David Swenson

As human beings we can find ourselves very disconnected from our bodies, from others and from Nature. We look for something that could fill up the emptiness ...and we fill up the void with so many distractions. We forget to be present, to notice our own breath, to listen or to look at the Nature, or simply to observe our own body…
Molte posizioni yoga (asana) sono state chiamate e ispirate da nomi di animali.
Many yoga positions (asana) have been inspired and called after animals, thanks to indian sages that in the past observed how the animals were living in harmony with the environment. They lived immersed in the Nature studying and experimenting with the practice that gave us the fundament of what we today call "modern yoga".
In the hindu religion animals are vehicles for the gods, emphasizing the strong bond between Nature and Gods represented in  form of human beings.
Yoga is the union between the Breath, Nature and Universe.
Let's respect and love Nature.

The Trees Love Us.
Thanks Avv. Chiara Tosi
Veneto Coordinator LIPU BIRDLIFE ITALY




And thanks to all the super yogis performing the asanas
Infinite Love


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